I've always wanted to help people so that they could be more at ease about their life and did not become too stressed out.  When I visited someone who was ill I immediately noticed that because their mind was uneasy their illness took more time to heal. During yoga studies I've heard 'illness' referred to as 'dis-ease', and immediately associated that to my beliefs about illnesses. 

I myself had suffered from daily aches & pains. I was prescribed medication that would lessen the pain for a couple of hours or so.  Then through meditation, I was able to stop the medication & the pain would be felt once in a while throughout a month or after doing 2-3 hours laundry or after physical activities.  After doing regular yoga training for the last 9 months, I hardly get the aches & pain that used to bother my joints & back, I can walk for blocks with no back pressure. I was sold on the idea that with personal effort and practice, one could ease the illnesses in the body/mind. I started seeking holistic healing, such as chiropractic wellness care, as opposed to just getting a quick fix. I meditated to release any stress in my body and mind. & I practiced yoga for myself, and to learn more so I can offer the practice to others so they can have optimal health, one day at a time. It took time, and continues to take continued practice, but it can be done.

I have decided to dedicate my life to learning more about natural healing processes, through yoga and other wellness practices. I believe that our life, no matter what disease one is known to have, can be lived with optimal health, utmost happiness, and peacefulness of mind/body/spirit.