Namaste. The light in me salutes and honors the light in you and together we are One. May peace and happiness be yours today and always.

Mukti Gigi started practicing yoga at Starseed Yoga and Wellness in Montclair, NJ in 2007 and graduated from the Starseed Yoga Teacher Training in 2010.

Gigi followed her dream and now lives in Southern Charlotte, NC and continues to practice meditation and integrate her spiritual practices in every day activities.

Gigi truly believes that optimal health IS for everyone, and that Peace&Happiness can be obtained as easily as thoughts that enters our mind.  Mukti Gigi happily shares this idea through the practices of meditation, inside or outside your mat.

Mukti Gigi is fluent in both English & Spanish. See 'Espanol' link to read her information in Spanish.

Yoga Practices:

* Yoga Level 1-2
* Gentle/Restorative Poses
* Use of props, ropes, walls
* Pranayama (Breathing practices)

* Meditation
* Strong emphasis on awareness throughout the movement of the pose
* Loving kindness, encouragement, and strong belief in everyone's ability to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit.


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